Friday, 5 March 2010

The lying weather

There are often days in the Winter/Spring era of the year when I awake to the sun shining ridiculously brightly (to the point of causing human blindness) and therefore I quite rightly assume that the weather today shall be classed as warm. Not hot, or summer warm, but springish luke-warm. But of course as always the elements are playing some huge practical joke and of course the actual temperature still reflects the time of year...fricking freezing.

As a hater of all things warm, these days please me. As a hater of bright lights, these days aggravate me. Although as my hate for heat is stronger than that of my hate of sun light, overall, these days please me. Not my favourite of days however.

Very photogenic light though...

...shame there is little but trees to take photographs of at this time of year, especially if your only going as far as your back garden.

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  1. The photos are gorgeous! Have a nice day!